niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Vogue April 2013 Covers

There has been many amazing Vogue covers for April emerging to internet. 
German issue of the "bible of fashion" featured the 73-year-old Tina Turner (looking amazing as ever!),  who graced Vogue cover for the very first time.
Newest addition to Vogue family - Vogue Ukraine chose for the cover model our own Zuzanna Bijoch, while other newbie - Vogue Netherlands sticked to its native Milou van Groesen.
Two competetive English issues of Vogue went for two different directions.  
Twiggy-inspired cover of British Vogue graced Eddie Campbell, while the American version went very political and chose for its cover model the-always-chic first lady - Michelle Obama.
There was a pleasant surprise for me with the Mexican issue of the magazine which featured Jara Jirickova, who looked striking in Balmain.
Last but not least there was the Peruvian Vogue Paris with the very colourfuli Isabel Fontana - out of all of the April covers the most positive one :)

What was your favourite April Vogue cover ? :)

piątek, 15 marca 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Trends

 Though it is March and it suppose to be a beginning of a spring time - clearly there are no signs of the so much expected season.
For now then, we can just look at the pictures from runways, get inspired and plan in a very detailed way our future springish ensembles :)
What designers have in store for us this season ?

                                                                             1.  Ruffles

  Whether you are flamenco fan or not, ruffles are one of the main trends this season  from classic black and white variations (Balenciaga) to bold colours (Gucci) and pastels (Givenchy).


2.  Suit and Tie

No, it has nothing to do with JT's new song :) In fact blazers presented by Heidi Slimane (Saint Laurent), Raf Simmons (Dior) or Stella McCartney are extramely sexy and feminine.

                                                                                 SAINT LAURENT

3. Oriental Asia

All I can say is - Prada. Miuccia inspired by asian lands, prepared a very oriental collection full of origami detailed satin numbers.


4. Black and White fever

My favourite trend of all this season. If you're a fan of classics, I have a very good news!              
This season is all about black and white variations - from the vertical stripes and checkerboard
(Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs) to polka-dots (Chanel).


5. Mixture of prints

Spring's massage is multilayered as seen at Proenza Schourel, Rodarte or Derek Lam.


czwartek, 7 marca 2013

Paris Fashion Week F/W 2013

Last but certainly not least on the fashion map - Paris.
When it comes to the French capital, we can always expect some amazing spectacles.
Here I'm especially refering to Louis Vuitton Fashion Show with the hotel setting and models (including the-one-and-only Kate Moss) coming out on the catwalk through doors, Chanel show with a huge globe sitting in the center of the Grand Palais (the accessories - iconic Chanel bags in various combinations and the leather biker boots - so to die for!) and Givenchy with this colourful punkish hairdo and Bambi sweatshirts 
(they will definately be a must-have item next season).
My favourite collection of the Paris Fashion Week was without a doubt Valentino. 
I simply adore the simplicity of the collection - the school-like shift dresses with lace-detailing, the capes and their signature romantic gowns (not to mention the adorable braids and hairbands:)).

I was positively surprised with Elie Saab, whose collection was much more darker than last season and grungy-like Saint Laurent collection. 
Also on the list of my top five collections - Christian Dior and Chloé

I  think I don't have to explain why the choice of the former (pure chic!), when it comes to Chloé - I just adored this English and boyish discipline seen throughout the collection.

What was your favourite collection during PFW ?:)