poniedziałek, 21 października 2013

Pink - The New Black ?

No, it is not what you think. I'm most definately not trying to dethrone black from it's rightful position of the basic color shade. I just just came up with the idea of this post, by looking on the runways and street style coverage during S/S 2014 Fashion Week.  
Pink doesn's have to be assossiated with Paris Hilton or the "Legally Blonde" movie. There are various shades of pink (from baby pink, coral pink, puse, french rose to ruby and salmon pink) that don't look as cheap as the neon ones. Although, you may think that this colour shade should rather be worn, during Spring/Summer season, it is not so at all. An oversize baby pink wool coat is one of the hottest item this season !
If you don't feel comfortable wearing a major piece of clothing in pink, go for a beanie, or a pair of training sneakers that will bright up th whole look :)




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