niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Vogue April 2013 Covers

There has been many amazing Vogue covers for April emerging to internet. 
German issue of the "bible of fashion" featured the 73-year-old Tina Turner (looking amazing as ever!),  who graced Vogue cover for the very first time.
Newest addition to Vogue family - Vogue Ukraine chose for the cover model our own Zuzanna Bijoch, while other newbie - Vogue Netherlands sticked to its native Milou van Groesen.
Two competetive English issues of Vogue went for two different directions.  
Twiggy-inspired cover of British Vogue graced Eddie Campbell, while the American version went very political and chose for its cover model the-always-chic first lady - Michelle Obama.
There was a pleasant surprise for me with the Mexican issue of the magazine which featured Jara Jirickova, who looked striking in Balmain.
Last but not least there was the Peruvian Vogue Paris with the very colourfuli Isabel Fontana - out of all of the April covers the most positive one :)

What was your favourite April Vogue cover ? :)

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