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Vogue US February 2013 - Rooney Mara

I so missed Rooney at this years Golden Globes!
Remember last years this ethereal white Givenchy gown with a bold sharp fringe and burgundy shade of lipstick, Now that was something!
I was incredibly happy to see Rooney on the Vogue cover for the second time.
 To be honest I like this cover much more than the first one, when she was promoting "The Girl With A Dragon Tatoo". This one is so much more natural and subtle.
If I wouldn't know who she is and saw the cover I would say that it is a professional model!
Such a natural beauty!
This lace Calvin Klein dress - to die for

What: Calvin Klein Spring 2013 RTW Lace Overlay Dress

What: Alexander Wang Spring 2013 RTW Long Sleeve Top

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