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Dior's Jacketdress

RAF SIMONS is finding it "difficult to define" one of the most important items from his debut Dior ready-to-wear collection - the jacketdress. If you're not sure what that is yet, the creative director is trying his best to help.
"It's kind of like a new jacket, one could say, or it's kind of like a jacket-dress, or is it a dress, or is it a jacket-coat? One cannot really say it," he said. "And I have a lot of reaction backstage on that, because they all find it new, and they want to define it, but you can't define it, and that was exactly my aim - to try to find a new piece for the house. If it needs to be defined, I like the word jacketdress, but it's one piece. I offer the freedom to wear it as a dress, without any other piece, but you can as well wear it with long pants or shorts or a long skirt or short skirt - so then you create a deux pièces look."
The jacketdress appeared in many forms on the label's Paris catwalk earlier this week; in slim-fitting double-breasted styles; in white with flared skirts; and single-breasted with shimmering pleats. We can expect to see the easy-to-wear piece in plenty future Dior collections.
"I think it's a very interesting item to build on in the future for this house - to create a code and to create a kind of aesthetic that will be recognisable in the streets," Simons explained. "I really wanted them all like jackets so they closein the front and you easily take it [off] and on, and you can also wear them open. There was a new look I think."
P.S. Another new word to a fashion dictionary:)

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  3. Amazing piece! Raf is so creative! Jacketdress is new object of desire I think;)