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Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2013

With this collection, Victoria proved once and for all that she is most definately no just a celebrity designer.
Everything about her latest fashion show was picture perfect starting with a invitation, to the place (typically The New York Public Library), interior design, guests (among many Anna Wintour, Anna Della Russo, Maria Sharapova) to the clothes itself.
"I wanted to take my aesthetics and find a new way of working it" - she said at the begining of the show - and so she did it.
Although there some suprises starting with the flat sandals and monk-strap men's shoes (a product of collaboration with Manolo Blahnik) to the first 3 looks with the long skirts and fedoras everything else was so Victoria.
The solid colours, strict cuts, fabrics with a dry feel - it was all there.
Totally adore the A-line miniskirts, her signature body-close dresses were beyond amazing and of course the trousers - so well tailored.
The whole collection was chic and minimal and it is impossible not to love it:)

Source: Style.com, Vogue.it

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