piątek, 3 sierpnia 2012

Lacoste's Facebook Likes

Congratulations are in order for Lacoste, which just became one of a handful of fashion brands whose Facebook profiles have received over 10 million "likes." But what about the other brands in this pantheon of likability, and where do other labels that are beloved in the real world rank in the digital standings?

Converse currently leads the pack of clothing and apparel brands on Facebook with a whopping 32.4 million likes. Adidas is second with 15.2 million, and Zara makes for a close third at just over 14 million. Then comes Burberry with 13 million. Levi's, H&M, and Lacoste all follow in close succession.

While some of the world's biggest luxury brands sit comfortably above the 5 million "like" mark, others fall beneath it. For its part, Lacoste is reported to have taken a more active role in managing its Facebook page in September 2010, when its "likes" numbered 1.6 million

Source: Fashionologie.com

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  1. Marka prezentująca dobrą jakość, poniekąd mini luksus, kolekcje pret-a-porter na fashion weeku a będąca na wyciągnięcie ręki praktycznie dla każdego - ilość "like" totalnie uzasadniona! Dodatkowo każdy ich lookbook pozornie prosty i zwyczajny każdorazowo staje się ucztą dla oka!