niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012

What To Expect Of Dior?

"EXCITING, beautiful and new" - this is what we can expect from Raf Simons and his debut Christian Dior collection (couture, no less), according to master milliner Stephen Jones. And he should know, for he's the man making the hats for what is easily one of the most-long awaited collections of the year, following Simons' appointment to the house back in April of this year
"His aesthetic is informing what I do. I'm very excited," said Jones yesterday at Royal Ascot. "He telephoned and asked me. I've known him on and off for years and people had kept saying we needed to get together and eventually, yes, now we're working together and on the biggest stage in the worSo what of Simons' couture offering?
"That's so top secret, I can't even give you a hint," said Jones, staying suitably tight-lipped when questioned further.ld.


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