sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

Kate Bosworth - Coachella Fun With Michael Polish

So here it is - a very first ensemble of Kate at the Coachella Music Festival 2012 Day 1.
Again, Kate didn't dissapoint me with her unique Festival Styling.
Due to a breezy weather khaki jacket was an essential as were classy Hunter wellies and Ray Ban aviators
By adding to it a printed dress and a pink shade of lipstick, Kate made the whole outfit look very girly and fresh.

What: Hunter Original Wellies Rain Boots,Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses
Where: Indio,California

6 komentarzy:

  1. whats the brand of his jacket if you know......

    1. To be honest, I had a a hard time finding it but I would say it's either Topshop or Vanessa Bruno cause Kate loves those brands:)

    2. thx. You mean she's dressing him? Directing the director I guess.... ;-/|

    3. I thought maybe Burberry based on the plaid lining; it also looks like a Barbour rain jacket, but the insignia is different although in the same spot on the arm. The insignia looks a bit like the Fred Perry Laurel but it's not so clear. I also thought maybe it could be a Beretta hunting jacket.....

    4. I doubt she is dressing him. She herself has a stylist but If this is true she is doing a very bad job If you ask me:p

  2. sama bym tak poszła na festival :)