piątek, 2 marca 2012

Oscar De La Renta Make-up Collection

Designer Oscar de la Renta is entering the world of cosmetics with a new line: Essential Luxuries Collection. 
The concise new collection is made up of six lipsticks and six nail polishes, three of which made their debut at his catwalk show last month. A trio of nail polishes, Essential Red Carnation, Essential Larimar (pictured) and Essential Aubergine, were used to complete the 60s inspired hair and make-up created by Revlon’s Gucci Westman and hairstylist Orlando Pita. Apparently the shades are based on inspirations from the designer’s everyday life. He has homes in both Spain and the Dominican Republic and loves Spanish red carnations and the Dominican Republic’s blue larimar gemstones.
The collection is rumoured to be launching online and in stores this October.
Source: Elle.co.uk

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