piątek, 3 lutego 2012

Victoria By Victoria Beckham Collection Sell Out At Harvey Nichols

The Beckham retail takeover continues, with Victoria Beckham’s new dress line selling up a storm at Harvey Nichols.

While a certain sector of the population was distracted by David’s bodywear advert for H&M, a different sort of Beckham fan flocked to Harvey Nichols to snap up one of Victoria’s new dresses.
The Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection debuted at the Knightsbridge luxury emporium on Monday to a queue of shoppers. 
By midday Tuesday, women eager to snap up one of Beckham’s more accessibly priced creations had depleted supplies of at least two of the dress designs, starting healthy waiting lists for the most in-demand pieces.  
A magenta dress with a black scalloped yoke already worn by the designer had 25 people on a list. A less well-publicised design—the blue day dress with crescent moon motif—had 13 would-be buyers hoping that the piece would be restocked. (The press office wouldn’t disclose the number of dresses the store stocked in each design.)
‘This new line serves to channel my inner girl,’ Beckham said in a statement. ‘[I]t is fun and young with a distinct sense of humour. The Victoria range can't help but make you smile with its energy and personality.’ And with its selling power, we’re sure.
Source: Elle.co.uk

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