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Karile Kloss - Victoria's Secret New Angel

Karlie Kloss recently turned 19, and she’s marking her newfound adulthood with a turn on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.Apparently hers is a much-anticipated Angeling. Show casting director John Pfeiffer told Modelinia that he’s been waiting for the rising runway star to be old enough to don her wings. ‘Karlie is also of age this year, so hopefully she’ll walk the show,’ he said last week. (No one’s saying anything about Kloss being eligible as an 18-year-old last year, in case you were wondering.)It seems that Kloss impressed the casting panel, because yesterday US Glamour tweeted that the model had been cast and was on her way to her fitting. Nothing is final until a model sets foot on the runway, but Victoria’s Secret show ensembles are so elaborate that the retailer probably wouldn’t commit the resources to fit a model unless they were serious about her participation.Pfeiffer said the most important factor in his casting decisions was confidence, and some of Kloss’s past runway ensembles definitely take self-assurance and a certain degree of moxie to pull off. Like this one, from the Christian Dior spring summer show. What do you think—was this the moment that Kloss clinched the Victoria’s Secret gig?

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