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Poland Fashion Week S/S 2012 - BohoBoco

The majority of my posts relate to a world-wide known celebrity-sightings/ fashion news, but since  
Poland Fashion Week just started, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce you to the most talented, young Polish designers. 
First of Bohoboco. 

Bohoboco was created by two polish designers Michał Gilbert Lach and Kamil Owczarek. Even though the label is new, they made quite a big buzz about themselves in Warsaw fashion environment.Bohoboco’s designs are very simple in their complicated way. The label combines all cosmopolitan tastes imaginable: New York ease, London avant-garde, Parisian elegance, and Milanese Dolce Vita. All this and little bit more made me fall in love with Bohoboco. The comfortable but classy clothes are perfect for the every day basics, which create its unique, but not over dressed, look.
Their newest S/S 2012 collection is filled with ethnic inspirations - ethereal muslins along with long,transparent skirts and minimalistic, assymetrical shirts - everything in delicate,subdued colour palette.


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