sobota, 29 października 2011

Halloween Goes Fashionable

As anyone who has attempted to dash to a fancy dress shop over the lunch hour this week can attest, Halloween has gone into overdrive. Maybe it’s the glut of star-impersonation opportunities (we know people dressing up as Nicki Minaj and Sophia Grace, Nicki Minaj’s Essex-based mini-fan), or perhaps it’s just that Halloween is the one time of the year when non-fashion types get to embrace extravagant dressing. Not that fashion types are taking it easy—Pam Hogg, the Broken Hearts DJs and Gizzi Erskine are hosting a ‘We’re Already Dead’-themed party at the Hoxton Pony tonight. In short, exceeding the acceptable trick-or-treating age isn’t stopping anyone. It certainly isn’t stopping Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The sisters behind Rodarte are hosting a Halloween party in their California neighbourhood. They’re so invested in the bash that they spent their single day off between engagements in Brazil and New York ‘check[ing] in on my Halloween decorations’ in LA.Although the sisters’ home-sewing skills might put the rest of our improvised fancy dress efforts to shame, neither has settled on a costume.‘Someone asked me the other day, “Are you dressing up as Black Swan?” And I was like, “No, but I know how you can get one because they sell [the costumes] now,”’ Laura told WWD.
Source: Elle UK 

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