sobota, 8 października 2011

Fall 2011 Trends - Sweet 60's

Autumn finally in full force -outside windy, rainy, and cold.
Fortunately fashion designers, did not let us down, and prepared something optimistic for this gloomy season.
First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 60's?
Rolling Stones's Satisfaction, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Martin Luther King's speech, and many many others
Fashion wise, simple ,geometric, collar-detailed dresses, perfectly tailored, in a bright colours coats,T-strap pumps matched with bouffant hairdos.

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  1. Her liquid gaze could melt the coldest heart,
    Her perfect face framed ‘round by ebony;
    Since early on her dancing was an art –
    Lithe hands and limbs in quaking ecstasy.
    Not one to walk on eggshells, biting wit
    And knife-blade tongue would often trouble make;