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Ten Most Stylish Movies Ever

Since past 3 days, the weather, here in Poland is really awful (gloomy and rainy), it is a perfect time to watch a really good movie.
There are a couple of features that make a film worth watching.
There is of cource a good plot and script, incredibly talented cast, brilliant music, but also, lets not forget about clothes.
They play a very important role, and a great deal of designers take from it an inspirations and ideas to create a new collection ( for example the whole Fall 2006 Gucci collection and ad campaign was based on Elvira, character from 'Scarface', played by Michelle Pfeiffer).
And so here I present you ten films, that I think deserve to be named stylish.
1. 'Breakfat At Tiffany's'
Okay, this movie is so iconic, that I don't really need to explaine why it is on my list.
 First, an incredible love story between Paul and Holly, second fabolous LBD with ovesized hat and sunglasses, trench coats, and those diamonds - all to die for!
2.  'The Devil Wears Prada' - One of my favourite movies ever. Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly nailed the role -
 “you think you’re immune from fashion but that horrible sweater you’re wearing is blue because two years ago designers decided blue was the trend'

2..'Belle De Joure'- Catherine Deneuve as Severine, and her chic closet with bucklet Rodger Vivier shoes.

4. 'To Catch A Thief' - Grace Kelly in the black and white hat and swimming costume combo just perfect.

5. 'Pulp Fiction' - The scene with Uma Thurman dancing on the floor in a simple white shirt with black bra and knickerbockers is just breath-taking

6. 'The Duchess' - I'm truly not surprised that this film, won an Oscar for Best Costume Designs, a truly magnificent creamy silk, 18th century gowns.

7. 'The Proposal' - I don't care what other will say,I think everything what Sandra Bullock wore, was pretty much to die for. The chic pencil skirt with Louboutins, trench coat paired with Hermes Birkin - chic and sophisticated.

8. 'Sex And The City' - So I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but Carrie Bradshaw is a true fashion icon, her Manolo Blahnik shoes are so to die for, and so is the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown.

9. 'Annie Hall' - Diane Keaton in a chic,cheeky menswear - wide-leg pants, man's tie, shirt - all very much iconic.

10. 'Bringing Up Baby' -  Catherine Hepburn as Susan Vance.It was the first film, in which a women wore pants, and how stylish!

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