piątek, 8 lipca 2011

John Galliano For Topshop?

IS John Galliano set to create a collection for Topshop? Rumours have emerged this week that Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green could be set to give the designer a return to fashion with a collection to follow his friend Kate Moss' collaboration with the high street store.

Perhaps it was when the three fashion powerhouses converged last week at Moss' Cotswolds wedding that the plan was conceived, but discussions - which are said to be in the earliest stages - look set to take place soon.

If Green secures Galliano's signature the deal would be the biggest fashion collaboration ever, overshadowing H&M's famously successful link-ups with Lanvin, Lagerfeld and McCartney - and even Topshop's partnerships with Christopher Kane and Moss herself. The move would be a fashion resurrection for Galliano, currently awaiting judgement for charges of public insult in Paris, especially as his return would be under the wing of Green, one of the country's most influential Jewish businessmen.

Source: Vogue.co.uk

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