czwartek, 16 czerwca 2011

Rag & Bone - Back To London?

The Rag & Bone boys might be shopping for boutique premises in London...A single line at the bottom of one review of yesterday’s Rag & Bone Resort show made us sit up a bit straighter and reach for the phone.
According to, designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are shopping for store space in London.
The British designers built their reputation for cool-girl denim and off-duty staples in New York—could it be time for them to return to their home shores, triumphant?
Maybe, said a representative, but not quite. ‘They’re looking, but it’s not confirmed at all,’ a spokesperson told us. More broadly, the designers have expansion plans for Europe and Asia, so not necessarily London at all.
Few vapours of store news could make us happier. We’ll be sure to bring you any details that come our way, but for now, everybody chant: come home, Rag & Bone
Source : Elle UK 

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