czwartek, 2 czerwca 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg - GAP Collaboration In The Works?

Whispers are rife that Diane Von Furstenberg has been lined up as the next designer behind a Gap Kids line.A couple of years back Stella McCartney whipped up a childrens wear collection for Gap that was so successful that even grown-up fashion fans were trying to squeeze themselves into it. Now rumours are flying that Diane von Furstenberg is set to follow in her footsteps and that the designer is working on her mini creations as we speak.
WWD has apparently spoken to insiders, and while there's no clue as to what the collection will look like, it seems that the shrunken wrap-dresses (we're guessing here) will be hitting stores next spring. But Gap have yet to confirm that DVF is working for them so watch this pace...

Another collaboration between a famous designer and a high street fashion, wonder if it's true. 
If so I can't wait to see the outcome! 

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