piątek, 17 czerwca 2011

Anja Rubik's Wedding Plans

Oh, to be Anja Rubik. When the ultra-gorgeous model’s boyfriend proposed last year, she shared the news with friend and Emilio Pucci designer Peter Dundas.As models do, she then asked him to create her bridal gown, because, ‘He understands a woman’s body and underlines what’s best in it.... I love his rock’n’roll chic, bohemian style. He is also a great guy to hang out with, so my dress fittings are fun!’
Rubik brought Dundas references from previous shows, which he spliced together with new elements. And in Rubik, Dundas found a very compatible collaborator.
‘It’s funny, because we both had the same silhouette in mind. I have to say that it’s been surprising what a sharp eye she has,' he said. 'I may have to keep her as an assistant after this.’
Source: Elle UK 

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