wtorek, 3 maja 2011

Rockish Chic

I always say that one thing can change the outfit completely, and this is what a leather jacket does perfectly.
The history of a leather jacket began in 1940's and 50's , when it was worn by aviators and members of military. Later on in the 20th century the leather jacket achieved iconic status in major part through films. Examples include Perfecto Motorcycle jacket worn by Johnny Strabler in the "Wild One" played by Marlon Brando or 'Grease's' Danny Zuco played by John Travolta. We also cannot  forget Tom Cruise in a famous 'Maverick' jacket in 'Top Gun', and a longer version of a leather jacket in 'Matrix' movies.
This part of clothing has changed throughout the years, but still remains a basic thing that we should have in our closet.
The thing about a leather jacket is that you can style it in a various ways.
You can either wear it in a rockish ensamble ftom head to toe (as Victoria Beckham) or add it to a cocktail dress to make it more edgy. I loove a classy black colour but if you are courageous enough you can wear in a brigher colours (as Nicole Richie). My favourite leather jackets are those by Burberry, simple masterpiece.

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