środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

Wardrobe Basics - Bag

Would you imagine yourself without a bag? Personally I do not think so. Bag is a well know feminine symbol, which definetly changed throughout the years. Yet its main purpose, which is to hold personal items still remains the same. Nowadays we are able to choose from dozens of colours, sizes and fabrics. Of course we all know that each season a new model of a bag is intoduced to be trendy, but still there are 'those' bags that are 'a must have' and will always (no matter what the season is) remain classy - of course I'm thinking about a black 2.55 Chanel chain bag and a unique Hermes Birkin.


Miu Miu

Alexander McQueen


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham



Michael Kors

Hermes Birkin
Marc Jacobs

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