wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2011

Karl And Carine - A Special Relashionship

 Meet fashion's latest power couple - Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld.
It was surely inevtiable. Ever since Carine Roitfeld left her role at Paris Vogue we, along with the rest of the fashion industry, have been keeping an interested eye on her latest projects. And, as the man who seems to work with everyone who's anyone, it was only a matter of time before Karl Lagerfeld snapped her up to do some work for him.
WWD has reported that Mr Lagerfeld was busy shooting Chanel's a/w 2011 campaign in Paris with ELLE favourite Freja Beha Erichsen. And who offered a hand with the styling on set? Carine Roitfeld. We can just picture her working her magic with the masculine trousers, slouchy wool jackets and workman boots that made up the collection.
There's no word on whether the partnership will be a permanent affair - we suspect that Carine will be keeping her options open for a while yet. But we can't wait to see what results the collaboration offers up.
Source: Elle UK

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