piątek, 25 marca 2011

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen - Metropolitan Opera

They both have a very unique style, but to be honest I really like it. Although if I had to choose between the two of them in the case of this event I would choose Ashley. She looks beyond gorgeous in a a black dress and I love the sunglasses and the clutch.

What: Yves Saint-Laurent Spring 2009 Black Dress, Manolo Blahnik 'Newcio' Pumps
WhatYves Saint Laurent Satin Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent Palais Platform Pumps
Where: New York City

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  1. Sizzling hot chocolate
    and coffee with a dash of liquer.
    A snowfall
    winter in paris
    chocolate chaux en hiver
    ballet slippers hanging from
    the ballet bars
    a grammophone left playing
    while no ones in the room.