środa, 23 marca 2011

Anna Wintour - Wall Street Journal Cover

One of the most inflluential women in fashion industry, editor-in-chief of Vogue US graces the cover of Wall Street Journal. Through the years she has come to be regarded as one of the most powerful people in fashion, setting trends and anointing new designers. Industry publicists often hear "Do you want me to go to Anna with this?" when they have differences with her subordinates.The Guardian has called her the "unofficial mayoress" of New York City. She has encouraged fashion houses such as Christian Dior to hire younger, fresher designers such as John Galliano.

Her influence extends outside fashion. She persuaded Donald Trump to let Marc Jacobs use a ballroom at the Plaza Hotel for a show when Jacobs and his partner were short of cash. More recently, she persuaded Brooks Brothers to hire the relatively unknown Thom Browne.A protégée at Vogue, Plum Sykes,became a successful novelist, drawing her settings from New York's fashionable élite

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