piątek, 25 lutego 2011

John Galliano - Suspended From Dior

The latest rumour circulating about John Galliano is that he has been suspended from Dior.
So, ever since we reported this morning that John Galliano was arrested last night the internet has been buzzing with the story, and more details have been emerging. And there is one major piece of news that has just been confirmed - the designer has been suspended from his post at Dior until police enquiries are concluded.
According to Reuters, the chief executive of Dior, Sidney Toledano, has released a statement saying, 'Dior affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any antisemitic or racist words or behaviour. Pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities.'
There are conflicting stories emerging about the incident so far but it seems that Galliano was drinking in a cool bar in Paris, 'La Perle', trying to shake off some of his pre-fashion week stress, and had a disagreement with a couple sitting at the next table. Some accounts are saying that he had been drinking heavily and was very abusive. And Sleek Magazine are saying that they've spoken to someone who was actually at the bar and that it was the couple who objected to Galliano and his revellry first, and that the designer wasn't in fact arrested but voluntarily went to the police station to make his statement.
As for the police, they're also giving little away, except to say that he was detained, had been drinking, and was released last night. Source: Elle UK

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