wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

Gossip Girl - 4.13 Damien Darko

I really enjoyed watching last nights episode of Gossip Girl. As I said previously I do not approve of Dan and Blair as a relashionship but I love their friendship. The fight for internship in "W" Magazine and their bantering was hilarious! As for other characters I can see some chemistry between Ben and Serena, but still she feels that way for almost every men in her life. Chuck and the new girl = boring, If you saw the promo for the next episode, you will know that he is only using her to save his company. Last but not least Blair and Chucks scene and their looks, just WOW.
As for the clothing I adore Serena's black dress with the cut and her D&G sweater/blouse plus Blair with the pink shorts looked really cute.

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