czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

Emma Watson - People Tree Collaboration

In what will be her third and final collection with the Fair Trade fashion brand the collection takes on a more mature look.

The main collection will officially launch on 28 February 2011 to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and promoted through a special mail order catalogue with Emma Watson modeling throughout.

“I designed the collection last year after I’d started university in the US. Safia, People Tree’s founder, and Misato, People Tree’s designer, came out to work with me in Rhode Island. Together we decided on all the colours, fabrics, shapes and craft skills. Most of all, we took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the traditional skills of People Tree’s Fair Trade groups around the world.” said Emma Watson.

A preview collection of 9 styles goes on sale today featuring jersey harem pants, blazers and draped dresses as well as a striking silk gingham check dress and a polka dot tea dress.

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